Chris Cuomo Reveals Wife Cristina is Already ‘Out of Quarantine’ After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images
Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images

Not exactly seven days after first uncovering that his better half had tried positive for the coronavirus, during the last part of his own fight with the disease, Chris Cuomo says she’s now been cleared to leave isolate.

During Monday’s Cuomo Prime Time, the CNN stay said spouse Cristina Cuomo “has by and by demonstrated that she is the more grounded piece of the couple” and that she’d “controlled through” her COVID-19 fight.

“She’s out of isolate, and she managed it in a small amount of the time,” Chris stated, alluding to his own long, agonizing battle with the infection. “So we are among the favored.”

Later in the scene, Chris – who was likewise as of late cleared to leave isolate – shared some home video film, shot by his 17-year-old girl Bella, of his first official exit from his storm cellar, where he’d been remaining for about three weeks as he self-isolated.”We had a colossal day today in Casa Cuomo,” Chris stated, as he presented the video, which additionally demonstrated his elbow-knock get-together with his significant other and children, who he said were still somewhat “terrified” to get excessively close.

“My better half. She was cleared by the CDC,” Chris said in the video. “She doesn’t have fever. She doesn’t have the manifestations any longer.”

The 49-year-old newsman included that simply being out of the storm cellar and back in reality was his most noteworthy objective.

“This is the fantasy. Just to be back up here doing ordinary things,” he shared, later including “This is a day I have envisioned about actually for weeks.”Despite being out of isolate himself, Cuomo clarified that he is probably going to be in recuperation from his side effects – both physical and mental – for quite a while.

“This [experience] put me into a downturn. I have had nothing like this in my life. It lowered me,” Chris imparted to individual CNN grapple Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “I realize individuals are managing so much more awful, yet for me, by and by, I’m not excessively solid, and it truly destroyed me all around as far as causing me to rethink things about myself and my life. It frightened me, similar to certain individuals, when they get a respiratory failure. I realize this is not at all like a coronary failure, yet for me it was.”

As of late, ET talked with Cristina about her battle with coronavirus and how she and Chris dealt with self-segregating separated from each other while their kids ventured up to think about themselves. See the video underneath to hear

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