‘Dead to Me’ Season 2 Trailer Has a Message for Jen and Judy: ‘I Know What You Did’


Things are getting even more twisted in Dead to Me season two — and it’s taking a major toll on Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), whose delicate relationship remains in the balance after all the revelations in season one. 

“What happens at the end of season one changes the dynamic between them,” Cardellini told ET last summer. “The whole first season is built on Judy concealing a secret, while initiating this intimacy [with Jen]. The idea that they would both be aware of everything going into the second season — the balance has been changed because of something that Jen potentially did. We don’t know why she did it or how she did it, and I feel like it will be an interesting turn of events the way they relate to each other going forward. They clearly need each other now.”

The first full trailer for the dark comedy’s upcoming new episodes shows that they need each other now more than ever since someone else is in on their secret and has a message for them both: “I Know What You Did.” This is no doubt a reference to the deadly season one finale — or any of the other lies that keep piling up between the two unexpected friends. 

With so many intertwined stories to keep straight and an unexpected visitor in their lives, can Jen or Judy keep it together? By the looks of things, it seems highly unlikely.   

In addition to the return of Cardellini and Applegate, who earned an Emmy nomination for her performance in season one, Diana Maria Riva is back as the ever suspicious Detective Perez while Natalie Morales joins as the charming Michelle at the assisted living facility where Judy works. 

Dead to Me season two premieres May 8 on Netflix.

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