Dixie Chicks Postpone Release of ‘Gaslighter’ Album Amid Coronavirus Concerns


Eminem simply hit a significant achievement. On Monday, the 47-year-old rapper commended being 12 years calm.

In an online networking post, Eminem shared a pic of his 12-year chip, stating, “Clean dozen, in the books! I’m not apprehensive.”

The post is close to verbatim how the rapper, whose genuine name is Marshall Mathers, checked being 11 years calm last year.Eminem has been open about the occasions that drove him to get calm, most outstandingly his unintentional overdose in 2007.

“I used to get pills any place I could,” the rapper disclosed to The New York Times in 2010, after already uncovering he was taking up to 20 pills every day. “I was simply taking whatever anyone was providing for me.”

In a 2015 meeting with Men’s Journal, the rapper uncovered that he supplanted enslavement with work out.

“At the point when I escaped recovery, I expected to get more fit, however I likewise expected to make sense of an approach to work calm,” he clarified. “Except if I was blitzed crazy, I experienced difficulty dozing. So I began running. It gave me a characteristic endorphin high, however it additionally helped me rest, so it was great.”

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