Emmy Rossum Transforms Into a Billboard Bombshell in First ‘Angelyne’ Trailer


Emmy Rossum is unrecognizable as a Los Angeles icon in the first trailer for her upcoming Peacock miniseries, Angelyne. In the 1980s-set show, Rossum stars as Angelyne, a real-life woman who rose to prominence after commissioning billboards across L.A. that featured just a photo of herself and her name.

“Nobody’s ever done it. Why not start now?” Rossum’s Angelyne, who wows with a blonde hairdo and a showstopping pink outfit, asks in the trailer, as she attempts to purchase her first billboard.

One character guesses that “people will talk about this 100 years from now,” while an onscreen reporter remarks about Angelyne becoming “a media obsession.” 

“I’m famous for being on billboards,” Rossum’s Angelyne tells a reporter. “… You want to grab people’s attention? You have to tease.”

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