HBO Max Will Not Air Five Episodes of “South Park” Due to Prophet Muhammad Imagery

Five episodes of South Park is not going to be out there on HBO Max due to controversial depictions of Prophet Muhammad.

According to a report at Deadline, the episodes in query have been by no means really out there on the brand new streaming service. The collection, which has now run for 23 seasons, was licensed to HBO Max from South Park Studios by ViacomCBS.

While not explicitly banned within the Quran, there’s a widespread Islamic perception that any depiction of Muhammad, a prophet of Islam, is forbidden as a result of it promotes the sin of idolatry. This perception consists of drawings, statues, cartoons and the like.

In 2010 South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been each threatened after a 2010 episode depicted the Prophet Muhammad in a bear swimsuit. At the time Comedy Central eliminated the particular references and later pulled the episodes.

The episodes lacking now embrace “Super Best Friends” (season 5) and “200” and “201” (season 14), which have been already unavailable on a earlier streaming cope with Hulu and never on the official South Park web site. HBO Max may even not air “Cartoon Wars” components 1 and a pair of (season 10) however these are nonetheless on the the cartoon’s official website.

Somewhat associated, HBO Max simply returned Gone With the Wind to the streaming service, though now with a four-minute disclaimer, after pulling it a couple of weeks in the past.Read the full story at Deadline

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