How I’m Living Now: 50 Cent, Actor, Producer and Rapper

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The multihyphenate says he is no longer eager to signal up for any Instagram Live battles: “I’m no longer turning it on due to the fact I’ve received no one to speak to. I’ll simply name someone.”
With manufacturing grinding to a halt in the face of the novel coronavirus crisis, the amusement enterprise has discovered itself navigating uncharted territory. To provide a higher experience of how, The Hollywood Reporter is strolling a normal collection that focuses on how Hollywood’s pinnacle writers, actors, directors, executives and others are residing and working in these difficult times.

A prolific producer and actor, presently doing each for ABC drama For Life, 50 Cent is used to maintaining a busy schedule. So, after spending almost two months in his New York City home, he naturally appears a bit restless. Speaking with THR, the rapper talks about how he is spending his days (working out and an immoderate analyzing listing for his 4 Power spinoffs), modeling his profession after Sylvester Stallone and why he has accordingly a ways unnoticed the pull of quarantine-era Instagram Live battles.

Hey, you striking in there?

Yeah, man.

What’s a ordinary day like for you now?

I used to be blessed with getting some gymnasium equipment, weights and stuff, so I go downstairs and I work out a little bit earlier than breakfast. I do matters in stages, little things. I watch TV. Twice a week, I have an hourly name with my staff. I’m working on more than one projects, and I’ve received the spirits business.

Are vodka income up?

Oh, it is increasing. It’s one of the groups that do not take a hit. People get stressed, and they go to one of two things: prayer or some vice that helps them now not sense these feelings.

You’re in New York?

Yeah. It’s challenging in New York, due to the fact the constructions themselves are a illustration of humans on pinnacle of people. We’re conditioned to be particularly shut to every other. But you research to idea your personal enterprise fast.

Are you going outdoor for walks or anything?

Before I received my treadmill, I was once walking outside, however it was once extra of an attempt. If you are used to doing three miles on the treadmill and you go out on the street, you will be again actually fast. First attempt, I got here again and I could not breathe. I was once surprisingly certain it used to be from walking and no longer corona.

So now you are solely working out at home?

In my Connecticut estate, I had a full gym. Mike Tyson owned it earlier than me. It had each kind of exercise computer you should suppose of. I selected now not to do the identical here, initially, due to the fact I assumed I’d simply go to the health club in the neighborhood. People purchase these machines, even like one piece, put it their residence and it simply sits beneath the mattress — so having a full health membership to your self makes you surprise how a whole lot you in reality can use.

What made you continue to be in the town as an alternative of going to Connecticut?

Oh, I offered that place. I gave the proceeds to charity. I wished that place, man. There are factors when you want affirmation of success. It was once greater than a house. It was once additionally linked to my standpoint on Mike Tyson. At that point [in 2003], all I had used to be about $800 a month for payments on a location and a month-to-month vehicle be aware on a small Mercedes Benz that I offered my grandmother. Then, when I got here domestic from a tour, I had $38 million. And if you do not discern out how to spend it, they are going to take it. So I went to seem at this property, and it was once 55,000 rectangular feet. It used to be like the whole block that I lived on at the time.

That’s very large.

And it used to be wonderful in the beginning, because you choose to carry everybody. You’ve acquired 18 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, a nightclub that hosts 1,500 people, a health club, indoor-outdoor basketball, a studio. You acquired the whole lot you want in one place.

Except a bodega.

You can select an location and pay anyone to come make you a bodega. [Laughs.] You can carry as many human beings as you choose and nevertheless have your privacy. And it has to be a nonstop celebration for you to be making use of a property like that. But there may be a factor the place you seem round and you go, “I have 20 humans right here for no reason.” Nobody else has 20 human beings when they go home. That used to be no longer the goal.

What are you working on these days?

The BMF [Black Mafia Family] challenge is greenlit now on Starz. We’re doing the whole thing at the back of the scenes for the show, and we have tentative dates if we can go lower back to business. If we do, there are changes that have to be made. There are going to be waivers for humans who favor to work. The insurance plan organizations are no longer going to insure this COVID stuff.

And you are connected to produce all 4 Power spinoffs?

I’ve in no way study so tons in my life. [Laughs.] I get so lots of the tedious section of what’s going on in the back of the scenes. It’s a lot greater work than performing, for me personally. Not to take away from the craft of performing … however as soon as you have backstory of a character, you emerge as greater and greater comfy with it. This manner is usually new information, and there are lot of matters that require your participation as a producer.

Do you get stress to show up oncamera for the tasks you produce?

My hero in my profession is Sylvester Stallone. He made Rocky and Rambo. He went and made all of the stuff he wished to be a profitable actor. So, if the undertaking is as suitable as you say it is, why might not you be in it? A lot of correct actors turn out to be producers due to the fact they have such a robust price that the studios will take their things. But the stuff that they’re no longer in, why would they take it?

What about stuff you do not produce?

I did Den of Thieves, with O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Gerard Butler [in 2018], however I first study that mission 5 years earlier than they made it. I had requested my marketers to supply me certainly proper motion scripts, the first-rate ones they should get their fingers on. I used to be studying the exceptional scripts and getting excited by using them, however then we would speak about them and the guys who analyzed them have been pronouncing it used to be shit. I’m like, “What? You did not like it? This section proper here, the place the whole thing blows up? This is excellent action.” And they had been like, “No, it really is some bullshit proper there. You do not desire to do that.” [Laughs.]

You comprehend what you like.

Look at For Life. That used to be two years in the past that I picked that project. It lands with best timing, with the entirety going on even social recognition and the [justice] system. I knew that subsequently they’d be geared up to deal with it. And it used to be fascinating making it. There was once one factor the place anyone at Sony, in their criminal department, she commenced a dialog about whether or not or no longer we make use of the truth that it is a proper story. What? That’s the total thing. What the fuck? We locate out that she earlier labored in crook regulation and labored in the district attorney’s office.

And all Hollywood typically wishes is for preexisting IP or initiatives primarily based on proper stories.

This is why you must do it! But they seem to be at it in so many exclusive ways. And it is uncommon that you have a mission that is a hit and you do not have all and sundry sue you. The solely element anybody can do in America is sue. Now, can you win or can you get something? That’s a extraordinary question.

How invested are you in the tune on the indicates you produce?

There’s a location for terrible music, and a lot of the time it is television. It’s the final vicinity they spend the cash in the budget. That’s the place they reduce corners. You’ll hear some shit enjoying in the historical past of a important manufacturing and go, “Who is that?” The music it’s taking part in at one o’clock in the morning, the most up to date track that you would play at a nightclub — that is the tune I want.

But a lot of TV indicates with accurate reputations for track obtained them by way of breaking new artists.

The radio is now not making stars anymore. They do not pick out a report from any artist and say, “We’re going to play this and damage this artist.” They’re simply surviving. They’re now not searching to grow. Now you have to seem at Spotify and YouTube to see who’s getting streamed. Anyone who can get in a recording studio is in the tune business. You can make a report and put it out tomorrow. The file business, now, they do not even have artist development. They’re discovering artists that already have momentum.

What new song are you listening to now?

Roddy Ricch. I pay attention to his joints. That child is dope, and he is really now not afraid to attempt new shit.

Do you have any hobby in these Instagram Live battles?

Everybody is on Instagram proper now. All of the artists combating every other, it is exciting to watch, however I have not completed that. When my exhibit For Life got here on, I was once doing a Live so I should speak with the target market earlier than and after the episodes. We had matters to discuss about though. I attempt now not to over-utilize these things. I’m now not turning it on due to the fact I’ve bought no one to speak to. I’ll simply name someone. [Laughs.]

What are you searching ahead to doing when this is all over?

Getting again to work. This 12 months bought off to a proper start. I acquired my Hollywood Star. I gained a [NAACP Image] Award for directing an episode of Power. Things have been going in the proper direction. This simply slowed me down.

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