‘One World’ Special: How Late-Night Hosts Came Together for Coronavirus Relief Event


Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert met up for a decent aim.

The late-night syndicated program emcees set their amicable contentions aside to have the One World: Together at Home unique on Saturday. The trio commenced the communicate bit of the occasion by reporting themselves, with the Late Show With Stephen Colbert have breaking a joke.

As both Jimmys introduced themselves, Colbert jested, “And I’m Stephen ‘Jimmy’ Colbert. We’ll be your hosts for today’s occasion: One World: Together at Home.”

The trio at that point put the focus on the specialists on call and others on the cutting edges of this worldwide pandemic, sharing how this night was committed to them.”They merit more than our much obliged, so we’d like everybody at home to take out their wallets… And afterward set them aside. We aren’t requesting cash today around evening time,” Colbert expressed, with Kimmel including, “This exertion has just raised more $50 million for the W.H.O.”

“What’s more, half of that was simply from flipping around Jeff Bezos and shaking him for spare change,” Fallon ringed in. They at that point hurled it to Woman Gaga, who sang a lovely interpretation of “Grin” by Nat Lord Cole.Throughout the two-hour communicate, Fallon, Kimmel and Colbert kept watchers engaged by having calls with medicinal services laborers on the forefronts, declaring exceptional gifts, sharing individual stories and hurling to exhibitions and messages from stars like Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Matthew McConaughey, J Balvin, previous First Woman Michelle Obama and some more.

Fallon additionally partook by doing a “Wellbeing Move” execution with The Roots.Meanwhile, Colbert likewise paused for a minute to share an anecdote about his dad, Dr. James W. Colbert.

“Father was an immunologist, and, when I was a kid, he was the Partner Chief for the National Establishment of Sensitivity and Irresistible Malady, which Dr. Anthony Fauci now heads. Also, of late, I’ve been contemplating my father and wishing I could converse with him about what notwithstanding this pandemic is the proper activity,” he shared. “Furthermore, I have no uncertainty he would state follow the guidance of researchers, yet additionally that science can answer just how the world functions, not why we are in this world.”

“For that, we need to follow our hearts. Furthermore, this emergency has reminded us with desperation that we are here to be as kind as possible,” he proceeded. “Since when this is all finished and it will be finished – what we will recall is the manner by which we treated each other and I implore that when we think back on this season of preliminary, we can say that we confronted it sincerely, expectation and love. Be that as it may, for the time being, remain solid, be bold.”

As they wrapped the passionate extraordinary – which included Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, John Legend, The Drifters and many, some more – Fallon, Kimmel and Colbert refocused to thank watchers for tuning in, just as Woman Gaga and Worldwide Resident.

“In the interest of myself and the a large number of Jimmys facilitating today around evening time, we need to express gratitude toward Worldwide Resident for making this conceivable,” Colbert stated, trailed by Fallon including, “And we need to thank everybody for going along with us regardless of your bustling calendars of self-teaching and telecommuting.”

With Kimmel saying, “And thank you for brushing your teeth. You didn’t require excessively that, however we welcome it. To make a move, visit act.me.”

The eight-hour extraordinary reached a conclusion with Céline Dion collaborating with Andrea Bocelli, Woman Gaga, Lang and John Legend to finish off the worldwide occasion with an incredible shock execution of “The Petition.”

Curated in a joint effort with Gaga, the Worldwide Resident occasion filled in as both a tribute to those driving the endeavors to battle COVID-19, and an overall source of inspiration with steps everybody can take to help coronavirus alleviation at this moment.

Visit globalcitizen.org/togetherathome for additional on what you can do at the present time, and follow Worldwide Resident on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep tracking with the exertion. Likewise visit the WHO’s site and online networking to get familiar with the association’s reaction to the pandemic, just as the COVID-19 Solidarity Reaction Store.

For the most modern news and data about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the World Wellbeing Association site.

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