‘Saturday Night Live’ Pete Davidson and Adam Sandler Bring Fans a Quarantine Anthem for These Crazy Times


Pete Davidson got some special help from comedy icon Adam Sandler in his latest music video for Saturday Night Live: At Home.

Davidson, like everyone else in the SNL cast, is currently stuck at home amid the pandemic. He’s with his mom and sister, and his new song serves and a relatable anthem for everyone going stir crazy while on lockdown.

“Sick of the same old questions: ‘How’s it going?’ How you livin’?’ ‘What you binging?’ ‘What’s for dinner?'” Davidson sings. “Tired of the same repetition: ‘Grow a ‘stache, shave your head, work out,’ that’s for b**ches…. Tired of sitting in the dark. Got nothing to watch, already did Ozark.”

The hilariously, painfully relatable tune then got an injection of star power when the Uncut Gems actor and SNL alum jumped on the track to share his own verses about the paranoia of getting sick.”I’m done with selfies, so don’t even ask/ staying in the house in an underwear mask/ Only pet my dog with a baseball mitt/ baking my own bread and it tastes like s**t,” Sandler sings. “I broke my leg two weeks ago/ but I’m too scared to go to the hospital. Never go outside cause I might see my neighbor/ using both sides of my toilet paper/ My wife tried to kiss me I straight up denied her/ miss the NBA and I miss Rob Schneider.”

Both Sandler and Davidson shot their segments from their homes, and incorporated their actual families, including Sander’s wife, Jackie Sandler, and their two daughters — Sadie, 13, and Sunny, 11.

The video actually ends on a sweet shot of Sandler’s family standing together while Sadie and Sunny hold up hand-painted signs reading, “Thank you first responders,” and “We love you.”

The episode featured numerous guest stars this week, including Brad Pitt — who kicked off the show playing Dr. Anthony Fauci — and a handful of other SNL regulars who made the time to record sketches for the show’s second “At Home” special.

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