Why Do Streaming Services Hate End Credits?

Have you ever watched a film on Netflix or Hulu and located your self inquisitive about some small element concerning the movie, one of many places the place it was filmed, maybe, or a specific tune on the soundtrack? If so, you’ve most likely needed to act shortly earlier than the streaming service skipped forward to one thing else. The default habits for many streaming providers treats finish credit like an afterthought, which might pose an issue when a film airing on one has a post-credits scene.

A brand new article by Daniel Pemberton in The Guardian ventures into the conflicted relationship that streaming providers have with finish credit. On the one hand, there’s the will to be a spot for cinephiles; on the opposite, there’s the necessity to cue up one thing else earlier than a subscriber can change the channel. Pemberton has a sound gripe right here, and the instance he cites is especially stinging:

I’m fairly certain it was the time I watched Schindler’s List on Netflix that pushed me over the sting. If ever there was a film the place the credit had been an integral a part of the expertise this was it. However, the second after Steven Spielberg’s identify got here up, the display screen was shrunk to the dimensions of a postage stamp and a large advert appeared telling you to look at one thing else.

Pemberton has composed music for film and television, so his gripe with streaming providers is each creative and private. And his argument is an comprehensible one: as he notes, for the precise movie, finish credit (and the music that accompanies them) could be a nice time to mull over the movie you’ve simply seen. Removing that a part of the expertise is an oddly controlling one — and one at odds with a higher sense of cinema.

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picture :Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay

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