Zach Braff and Donald Faison Pay Tribute to ‘Scrubs’ Co-Star Sam Lloyd


Sam Lloyd, exceptional acknowledged for his function as downtrodden attorney Ted Buckley on Scrubs, died closing week at age 56, as a end result of issues from lung cancer.

His co-stars and Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence paid tribute to the actor and musician on social media in the days following his death, and on Tuesday, Zach Braff and Donald Faison took a second on the contemporary episode of their podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends, to consider their buddy as a proficient performer and multitalented household man.

“Sam Lloyd, who performs Ted the attorney on our show, has handed away,” Faison stated at the pinnacle of the show. “For me, this is certainly heartbreaking. Sam was once a very, very exquisite person. He was once a section of a band known as The Blanks, and I bear in mind realizing that Sam wasn’t simply a certainly humorous actor. He was once a surely gifted singer. He was once a very appropriate basketball player. He used to be additionally a top friend.”

Faison cited that he was once so impressed by means of Lloyd’s basketball skills, he would often attempt to recruit him to play in his weekly celeb league.
“I would attempt to recruit Sam each Sunday to play for my team, however he would say, ‘No, due to the fact the Patriots are playing, and I can’t pass over the Patriots,'” he recalled. “I continually concept he ought to be such a secret weapon, due to the fact no one would have anticipated that Sam Lloyd ought to play basketball that well. He was once an murderer on the court. A killer on the court.”

“He was once the nicest man I assume I have ever met,” Braff agreed. “He used to be so candy and kind, and he simply cherished to laugh. He would come on, and he would play that brilliant nerdy attorney character, however we would all simply crack up so difficult with Sam.”

Braff additionally mentioned that, like his Scrubs character, Lloyd discovered love later in life. He and his wife, Vanessa, celebrated their son, Weston’s, first birthday until now this year.

“We love him, and we be aware of the followers do, as well,” Braff added, sharing that a GoFundMe web page has been set up to assist care for the late performer’s household following his death.

anessa launched a announcement to ET closing week, expressing how “devastated” she and her household are.

“It does not experience real. It in no way will. It simply feels like he will stroll via the door,” the assertion read. “The overwhelming outpouring of love and sharing your tales about working with or understanding Sam maintains his reminiscence alive and our hearts strong.”

“Sam loved his work,” she added. “I desire to proceed his legacy, and hope to share some of the lovely songs he used to be working on for his musical and our son, Weston.”

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